Are you interested in higher nutritional values from the foods you eat, while saving money?


Earth’s Green Gifts offers

  • Wild edible plant education via publicly available workshops, classroom presentations for kids and privately organized gatherings
  • Edible garden and landscape consults

The natural world grows more than 20,000 plants that provide health value to humans, but we ignore all but about twenty! Modern botany has tampered with conventional food, reducing the nutritional content and flavor. Wild plants, on the other hand, still nourish us as they always did.

Let Earth’s Green Gits suggest landscape and gardening concepts that utilize edible plants, cultivated edible plants and traditional vegetables. By integrating plants like hosta, nasturtiums, marigolds, rainbow swiss chard and chickweed, your landscaping will grace both your yard and your table.

Join us for a workshop and learn to identify and prepare edible wild plants like purslane, dock, evening primrose and chicory. You’ll be amazed at how nutritious and tasty “weeds” are!

flowers-mountains-webBesides being delicious, wild plants:

  • Are well-adapted to our soils and weather
  • Are more disease resistant
  • Require less water than domestic plants
  • Offer superior nutritional values and phyto-nutrient components
  • Often volunteer to grow
  • Will always be there during unexpected survival situations.


“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson, in Fortune of the Republic, 1878

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